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3 March / New Delhi
Sufi Sunni  clerics, under the aegis of All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board organised a meeting chaired by the founder and president, Syed Ashraf Miyan.
They planned to hold one-day seminar in Delhi, where the would formulate a strategy to stop the spread of negative messages and discuss problems plaguing Indian Muslims.
 Clerics associated with AIUMB said that they seek to enlighten Muslims about the threat of radicalising idealogies. Apart from prominent clerics from across the country, general public also attended the conference.
Recently, All India Ulama and Mshaik Board under the guidance of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ashraf organized a conference at the Indira Gandhi Foundation board Lucknow. It was titled “social justice conference”. It was attended by all responsible members and trustees of the entire board from all Indian states. The conference brought together Sajjadanashins and clerics of the country as well as the Muslim intellectuals who set an agenda to discuss the issues pertaining to the current situation and the Muslim community in the country.
AIUMB released a press statement after this conference which said that in Uttar Pradesh, OBCs are estimated to be around 44% of the population while Dalits are approximately 21%, Muslims 19% and upper castes 16%. It pointed out that the government’s prime duty was to further the national interest but at the same time, it should be conscious of its “duties” to check the rise of communalism and accommodate legitimate political aspirations.


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