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By Nausheen Baba from Kashmir
Those who are commenting and posting about Kashmiris. How many of them know the Kashmiris personally? And how many of them know that the Kashmiris resisiding in different parts of India have got something to do with terrorism?? My request to all thise who have not met a Kashmiri personally yet please go and find atleast one and see them and speak to them?? Then only make remarks. Sparing few brainwashed Kashmiri, the rest will have a bright future ahead because they are concerned more about education, work and art. That is why they are in different colleges of different states of India.. they are not confines to the Kashmir borders.. but I am worried about the future of those who are targetting the Kashmiri students ?? I mean do they really have a future? Let me give an example of true Nationalist.. the sikhs who are opening thier doors for the local Kashmiris and protecting them. Not only for Kashmiris, but the Khalsa aid reaches the people before any organisation does. Have you heard of Sikh Regiment? Yes the soldirs recruited from this Community protects you from cross border disputes. There is other side of the coin. There was a Sikh fundamentalist movement led by Jarnail Singh.. how many of the sikhs follow him??   I know of none.. because the sikhs are concerned more about their children thier upbringing and the true essence of thier religion.. why have i given the example of the sikh community? The answer is because they maintain peace, keeping a miniature kripan as a symbol of thier religion means they practice thier religion as well.
Now they question arises why so many terrible incidents taking place relating the kashmiris?? The simple answer is ‘to create terror’ ‘to create fear’ among the fellow citizens. The purpose of doing so? To gain authority, power? Power breeds corruption. Who are the direct beneficiaris of power ???
Find out yourself please!


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