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Talking to the media outlets, Maulana Syed Ashraf Kichchawchchvi, founder and president of All India Ulema & Mashaikh Board, an apex body of Sunni-Sufi Muslims in India, questioned as to how the Triple Talaq Bill, which abolishes the practice of triple Talaq but also criminalises the husband at the same time, would help in the family’s domestic life. He asked: “When the Supreme Court has already struck down the practice, then what does the government intend by bringing a law to imprison and punish the Muslim husbands?”

Maulana Syed Kichchawchchvi further asks as to who will provide the allowance to the wife and her children as long as the husband is imprisoned and how can this law ensure that the malpractice will not happen? What is the guarantee of the couple living happily even after the husband is put behind the bars for three years? And not only the imprisonment, in many cases, he will have to suffer the harassments and custodial persecutions on the complaints from the wife and her relatives.
 “We do not reject the Triple Talaq Bill outright. But we demand a fair probe into the related issues and more nuances need to be studied to introduce a proper and more practical law on against the instant divorce. Otherwise, the law itself will appear ‘instantly framed’ and hastily decided just like the practice of the instant divorce (triple Talaq)”, he said.


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