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Hagar Monsif: The High commissioner shall open an investigation into the cases recruitment of minors to fight in Libya beside Turkish forces

Okeil: We urge the High commissioner to develop frameworks to the parties to the conflict in Libya to cease fire to be adopted during the Egyptian initiative announced a week ago
During the interactive dialogue of the Human Rights Council on the report of the High Commissioner on Libya, Maat Association delivered an oral intervention that drew the attention of the High Commissioner to the frightening increase in human trafficking operations in Libya, to the extent that there are markets to sell people in public auctions, especially in southern Libya.

Hajar Monsif, Head of the African Unit and Sustainable Development at Maat Association, during her intervention via a video message, pointed to the violations of rights of the child in Libya, where information was received about the escalating child recruitment and transfer from Syria to Libya by Turkish forces to be killed in a war that forced them and even deprived their parents of even receiving the bodies of who lost their lives. Ms. Monsif requested the Commissioner to open an investigation into this unacceptable crime and to seek to preserve the youth of the future and protect Libya and Syria from cropping the only ray of hope in the presence of a generation that has escaped the horrors of the current political struggles to rebuild and develop its country.

Commenting on the report of the High Commissioner, Ayman Okeil, President of Maat Association, pointed out the necessity of the High Commissioner to comment on how to urge the parties to the conflict to cease the fire, especially since the same parties did not abide by all international demands before and after the Berlin summit, and the extent to which the announced Egyptian initiative could contribute in the application of point 85 in the report, especially recommendation (a) “related to the ceasefire”.


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