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Marina Kaljurand chairs the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace. With experts from government, hackers and the tech giants, it is pushing for a new code of conduct on cyber security.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

We are in a new era. I call it cyber revolution or the ICT revolution. It came to stay. States are doing their part and there is no chaos in cyberspace. It’s not wild west. There is international law out there and states have agreed already in 2013 that international law applies to cyberspace. But the question is, “how exactly.”

Half of world’s population is online; either using computers or mobiles and half still has to come and the whole cyber domain is becoming more vulnerable. Cyber is more accessible to criminals. So far, we haven’t seen any attacks by terrorists using cyber weapons but we can’t exclude that.

There are many more challenges to come and here we should start with people. Educating, educating with cyber hygiene.
In Estonia, we launched a program for our first graders, teaching programming and teaching cyber hygiene.

So educating people and breaking stereotypes – cyber is not only for young people. My mother is 92, she’s Skypeing. We have to educate all age groups, people with higher education, people with professional education, people living in the cities, in the countryside, starting with PINs and starting with keeping your eye on your devices, not lending them out and not responding to criminals but instead going to law enforcement authorities.



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