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Someone has rightly said that friends are another family because the things that we don’t share with our actual family, we shared with our other family, which we call friends. Today I would like to tell you about some of my special friends, how they were always with me, how much they supported me in good and bad times.

I would like to tell you about my best friend whose name is YERIKA TUTEJA. We both met in the second class. We were in the same school from KG but we met in the second class when our sections got separated, we came in the same section luckily. From that time our friendship has started. At that time she was very sweet and cute, even today also she is so sweet and cute by her face and heart.

I love her very much, as she always stands by me in all my good and bad times. When both of us were young, we used to eat food together, used to play together. Not only us but our family also has very good relations with each other. In fact, our families consider each other very much. After 10th class, when our classes were separated because of our streams (different subjects), I thought that how we will be able to talk now, we have completely separated.

I was afraid that time because I used to think that our friendship should be breaking after this, but nothing like this happened. She is still very close to my heart and she is still my best friend. She calls me every day and takes the report of everything that I have done that day. When I sit with her, I have no idea of the time that we were sitting and talking together for so long. Even today if I don’t call her or doesn’t pick her call she messaged me on social media or calls me later.

Someone has rightly said “Ache dost Sirf qismat vaalo ko milte hain” (good hearted friends are won only by the lucky people) and I think I am one of them. One thing I always want to tell her and everyone too that I love her from my bottom of my heart.

Secondly, I would like to tell you about my other best friend whose name is RAHUL PANDEY.We both met in the Tenth class. We both knew each other a long time ago but never used to talk much. But once he is doing his project in basketball ground and I also have to do that but I have no idea about the project like how I’ll have to start it, what I have to do in it, then I saw him doing the same project I went to him ask about the project he explained very nicely and I sit with him and started doing the same project. I am talkative so I am disturbing him so much asking questions and questions and he is so sweet he is replying to me very calmly, from that day we were started talking. After that, we become best friends in a short period because his nature is different from everyone like I told you he is a very calm and humble person. We both used to have game periods together, so I would not let him play. I used to say to him “leave it, Rahul let’s sit and talk with each other, I wanna tell you something interesting”. He always says “Give me five minutes and I will quit the game” but I refuse him and say “No”. Just quit the game and sit here we will talk, after that, he quit the game for me and sits and then ask “What Happened”. And sometimes if the match is important I used to say to him just do the Feilding of the right side where the bench is I’ll sit there and tell you everything and he used to do that he does Feilding of that side only. Sometimes if I say something to him so he used to call me “4 foot Lilliput will you able to do that” and I laughed at this statement so much and asked him not to say this again. He has given me the nickname “4 foot Lilliput”. If somebody will hear this he/she will make fun because he is too tall. But school days were memories that I miss. He used to talk to me daily.

Last but not least I would like to tell you about my other best friend whose name is ADNAN AHMED. We both met in eighth class. I remember well that time sports day was going on I was going to the canteen, he asked me if you have money!!! And I answered him yes, I have (at that he was stranger to me, but he is bestie or my bestie that’s why I answered him) so he says to me and all his friends “today she will give the party to us” and I was like who is he I don’t know him and he is saying all this. I ignored him and just walked away. After that, he started teasing me by using the “Party” name. Whenever I passes in front of his class he used to say “no one gave us party man till today” He used to tease me like this. The real thing is that I also like to bother him/tease him because he never feels bad about my words, always laughs and enjoys with me. He was a senior to me. We started talking with each other and become close friends. He is the person to whom I am talking daily since my 10th class. Seriously, He is a very humble and calm person. No matter how much I fight with him or say something to him, he does not say anything to me he just laughs and avoids the matter. And I always used to say to him “Why don’t my words have any effect on you?” And he always replies to me with the same answer ” I don’t feel bad if you say something because a crazy person can say anything to anyone so your are crazy you can say anything to me I don’t feel bad” Whenever I used to say to him ” i will do this i will do that ” he always reply me “you can’t do anything you only just talk and doesn’t do nothing” and after saying he laughs. But to be very honest he is the best guy I ever met in my life. He has each quality that a man should have. He now how to tackle the situation. Seriously, he is an amazing person and I enjoy his company. He is always by my side in my good and bad times. He always supports me no matter what the situation is…In this scenario, I always say “Dosti Umar dekh kr nhi kri jaati ki vo aapse chota h ya bda, kyuki Kai bar sone (gold) ki talaash mai heere mil jaaya krte hai” and I found him. All I wanna say is my friends are diamonds to me (very precious), they mean a lot to me and I love them from my bottom of my heart. They never be replaced by anyone. They are forever in my heart.


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