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Cultural Exchange an only solution to bridge the gap between Kashmir and rest of States: Farooq Ganderbali. 

Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development Forum (JKYDF) coordinated a round table conference with the theme ” Let’s Sit together to talk about cultural ethos of Kashmir”. Which was taken part by the renowned specialists of all over India. The meeting was coordinated with the intend to reinforce and solidify the ties between ties among Kashmir and rest of the states of India by exchanging the way of life. 

Presenting the occasion the President of Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development forum Sheheyar Dar said cultural exchange program is the main way out to aware individuals of India about cordiality of Kashmir and restore the tourism industry in Jammu and Kashmir. 

While offering an explanation to it a renowned specialist from Mumbai, said the sightseers are simply expected to investigate the perceived places of interest of Kashmir, while they didn’t get any reasonable opportunity to trade the way of life and offer bond with Kashmiris. He said the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir should add the sort of exchange programs in their package. 
Speaking on the Occasion, the renowned social activist of Jammu and Kashmir Farooq Ganderbali said, “Cultral exchange programs can be the game changer in overcoming any issues and solidifying the ties of Kashmir with the remainder of States of India. To trade the way of life we ought to have the student exchange programs in schools, colleges and different foundations”. He added. Notwithstanding it He said that, “various nations have various specializations yet India is the only country which have everything of its own, cooperation is the main thing which is need of an hour and cultural exchange can get us joined together. 

Guests and Panelists thanked Jammu and Kashmir Youth Development Forum and focused upon that such programs ought to be coordinated in continuity.


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