Faiz Anwar

They said it is Eid
Do they know what we need?
No water or shelter,
no food for children to feed
Hardships are here we know,
bound to exceed

The Met Department had warned us
return when water does recede
Adhered to their advice,
we readily agreed

Amphan raged,
blew with such speed
Away it took all,
before to God we could plead

Homes, crops, lives we lost,
our hearts do bleed
Reasons they say are climate change,
due to human greed

But we are not ordinary people,
we are of different breed
We shall raise our spirits,
yes we shall succeed

We shall forget this crisis,
upon us it was decreed
We shall make it slowly,
like a necklace is made of bead

We shall rise again,
just let us sow the seed
We shall rebuild schools
for children to study n read

We shall yield such crops,
the nation it will feed
Don’t undermine us,
your expectations we shall exceed

Don’t look at who we are
or what is our creed
Just lend us a hand,
together we shall proceed!

(In sha Allah)
– Faiz Anwar


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