Newly constituted organization Indian muslim awareness movement (IMAM ) has questioned the timing, nature and composition of meeting called yesterday in New Delhi by All India Masjlise Misjawarat, a defunct organization since many years. IMAM in a press release today said that Mushawerat meeting was attended by members of clergy , some among them were known sympathizers of RSS and ruling party
IMAM further said that appeal of peace’ and pacifism is welcome. We too appeal the masses to respect the verdictof court in a peaceful manner and allow this juncture of history to pass off peacefully by demonstrating the will to support the idea of India.
The statement issued on behalf of members of iMAM namely Ashhar Hashmi, jahangeer Adil Alig,Younus Mohani,Manzar Jameel, Aurangzeb Arman,Riyaz Ahmad Atish,Nawab Atiquzzama,Waqar khan,prof.Younus,Prof.Ariful islam ,Dr Nazar Abbas,Mahar Alam,Abdul Moid Azhari,Hussain Shairani,Prof.Nayeb Ali, Mehar Alam , Raziullah , Waqar khan, imamul haq, Sohail Ahmad , Mohd.Shamshad Shaukat Ali.dr Naiyar Habib ,Shahid Akhtar,Mohammad Mushtaq Malik Said that it was an exercise in futility. They appeared with thier set agenda and dispersed without any tangible suggestions for masses, state, goverment and the honorable court.
IMAM suggested that lawyers of Babri Masjid action committee and other Muslim parties must appeal the court before declaring verdict to seek an undertaking from the central government to secure peace at any cost and if necessary use para military forces , even army in sensitive areas.
IMAM declared that Muslim masses will remain peaceful in any aggression from known trouble makers but government must take lead in providing security to the weaker sections of the society.


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