June is recognised as the pride month for LGBTQIA+ identities worldwide. Not only is it celebrated in full gusto, it is also seen as an important time to raise awareness.

This month is about teaching acceptance, educating pride, history, and above all, love. Several campaigns and drives are held to educate people about how damaging homophobia can be.

To celebrate the pride month, Interweave Consulting has announced the Launch of LGBTQ eLearning module.

“Making Way for All “

It is the first ever e-module on LGBT+ inclusion in India. The module builds awareness on understanding the unique challenges for the LGBT+ community and talks of how we can be allies to their safe and easy inclusion into our lives. With the help of real-life cases, the learner is guided through the subject, starting from understanding what LGBT+ stands for to appreciating the unique challenges for the community, with a very specific focus on what we can do to hasten social acceptance and build a safe and inclusive environment for all.

This 30-minute self-paced module is SCORM compliant and can be customized for an “in-company” feel with an introductory message from the CEO/Sponsor and links into the company’s intranet resources and content. The e-module is available for use as an enterprise-wide license to cover all employees across the organization.

 The module will introduce you to the LGBT+ acronym, expand your understanding of sexual orientation, Gender fluidity, identity, expression, and sexual orientation as an integral part of our gender competence training.

 This self-paced, online learning experience has, therefore, been designed to be a small and helpful step towards addressing some of the most common questions related to the LGBT+ community and creating workplaces that are inclusive for all people.

Course Highlights

Our LGBTQ colleagues need our support and understand, and this module enables just that. It is:

  • Self-paced so you can access the module from any place
  • Intuitively designed so you can revisit module/key concepts as required
  • Cost-effective – Covers a large group of employees at a reasonable cost
  • Scalable – Employees across multiple locations and time zones can access the module
  • Standardised – with consistent messaging across the board

About Interweave Consulting

Interweave is a professional diversity consulting organization that introduced corporate India to the opportunities of diversity and created a space and value for D&I discussions. From a base of a couple of offerings as Interweave began, it is today, a one-stop-shop with a suite of offerings – including audits, interactive workshops, innovative e-learning modules and customised consulting solutions.


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