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On the upcoming occasion of Qurbani, AIUMB President and Chairman of World Sufi Forum Hazrat Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhochavi, address in Agrah, said that, we the people should come forward to work for the betterment of Indian society. “Do not see to the religion in helping those who are in trouble, increase their mutual love, and join each other’s happiness and forget about every small communal thing and get together in building temples and mosques. This is how the circumstances will change in the country”, he said.

There are a handful of people in the country who want to spread hatred. Most people want peace, but there is a big problem with the people who are silent spectators. If the voice against the oppressed is not raised, then oppression increases, he said.

Hazrat appealed to the people that the upcoming month is the feast of sacrifice and in this we have to prove a great deal of sense and take care of the religious sentiments of our own brothers in humanity and nationality. We also have the responsibility of cleanliness. He also called upon the people to plant trees in large numbers on the occasion of Qurbani.


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