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Are you with the same business gas supplier for more than a year? Are you currently feeling a bit on the edge if you are still getting your money’s worth? Well, if you have been unsure about your current transaction with your gas supplier, then it is time to look deeper into it and probably consider switching to a different one.

Gas is one of those essential commodities which prices fluctuate regularly. It is affected by various factors like the cost of crude oil, taxes, demand and supply, etc. With this, business owners have to make sure that they are constantly getting the best deal to reduce costs and save money. However, most of these entrepreneurs are unsure when s the best time to switch business gas suppliers. If you are one of these people, we are here to help you. Below are seven signs you should look out for indicating your current business gas supplier is not working anymore.

  • You have been with the same supplier for a couple of years

If you are working with a supplier for about two to three years, consider switching immediately. Chances are, you are paying an overpriced rate. You can easily find quotes from different suppliers 50% less than what your bill is now. 

  • Your contract is near its end.

Owners should switch suppliers as soon as their contract with the current one ends.  Changing suppliers constantly allows you to look for less expensive business gas rates. The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets or Ofgem implemented a rule where clients are given a window of 49 days before their contract ends. During this window, they can decide to switch to a different supplier without paying any exit fees.

  • Their customer support is no longer outstanding.

Your customer satisfaction with their services is also essential when considering a switch. When you are no longer happy with how they deliver their services and feel like there are issues that are not appropriately addressed, they are already a red flag that means you have to find a new supplier already.

  • You want to switch to more eco-friendly options.

Most suppliers now offer what they call the “green tariff”. With the green tariff, energy com from renewable resources that are better for the environment; however, they can be slightly more expensive than regular energy.

  • When prices are about to hike up

Constantly checking gas prices help you anticipate when they hike up and when they are usually cheaper. So, when you feel like prices are about to go down and you are on a fixed tariff rate with your supplier, you would not take advantage of the benefits. For example: when the winter season comes, you tend to use more gas for your heaters. During this time, switching to a less expensive rate would be a good idea to save a bit of money.

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